About Me

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page! I know your time is precious; so for you to be taking your time to read my words is incredibly humbling.

Who Am I?

My name is Ashley Hunt. I am a Michigander and a University of Michigan Alumna with a Type A personality. I am also an Independent Vacation Specialist with Fairytale Adventures Travel and a Disney College of Knowledge Graduate. An interesting fact about me? I use both sides of my brain, the right side creatively and the left side logically and mathematically. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at Michigan in English. I spent a great deal of my time while there writing; I wrote for the MichiganensianChill Magazine, as well as for my sorority newsletter. Post-undergrad, I did some freelance writing online. After a small break, I received my Master’s Degree at Walsh College in Accountancy.

What is my Expertise?

I’ve always loved all things Disney! I even wrote a 15+ page paper on Walt Disney while in middle school. While I was a student at Michigan, I took a small amount of time off to intern with the Walt Disney Company as a College Program Participant in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I loved it! I worked in 3 main fields:  Quick Service Food & Beverage, Merchandise, and Resort Front Desk Operations. Mainly, I worked in EPCOT and the All Star Resorts; however, I did pick up some shifts in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Saratoga Springs Resort. The most fun? I worked as an On-Stage Manager during the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival and as a Group Ambassador for large groups, sports teams, and cheerleading squads.

As a guest and a cast member, I have experienced a great majority of the things Walt Disney World has to offer:  dining (both quick service and table service), numerous resorts, backstage tours, miniature golf, waterparks, recreation, and spas. I have even been to each Special Event and even Pleasure Island when Disney Springs was Downtown Disney.

Why Vacation Planning?

Being a Type A personality means I always have a plan. I want to share my stories and knowledge, insight, and overall advice with the guests I encounter. I want to offer each guest the same treatment through my vacation planning services that I showed guests at Walt Disney World:  Disney Service. It truly is unlike any other.

In addition to a love for Disney, I also love and know how to plan an amazing vacation! It’s unique to find something that truly makes one happy. Luckily, I have in vacation planning.

Put my service to the test and let’s make some dreams come true!